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Apple Blossoms…
April 22, 2012, 10:36 pm
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The apple blossoms have arrived!


A Gift…All the Way from Colombia…South America…
April 22, 2012, 10:21 pm
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There are times when I have to stand back in awe at the ability of God to orchestrate things that many may call fortune or luck or fate.  I can however with great confidence call it divine orchestration, by God himself.  Let me explain.  Saturday was an exciting day for us.  The kids however were clueless at the blessing that was to overtake us ( I carefully used that word, because that is how the Word of God describes the nature of blessings and cursing).  We had kept the secret from them in the event that for some reason it fell though, however we had a good feeling about it.

Somewhere in Colombia, South America, a little Wiemeraner puppy named Perla, Pearl in English, was born on November 4th of last year.  Two and a half months later Perla would be weened from her mother and placed on a plane headed from Bogota, Colombia to New York and ultimately New Britain, Connecticut.  Perla would live there for several months.  The women who brought her would soon decide that the home that she was providing was not the best option for Perla, and for those who know this breed, you would agree.  The need for space to run and a bunch of attention are almost essential, in fact the fact that someone would be home was a requirement by the breeder where we got Ellie, our nine year old Wiemeraner.  After a discussion with another caring women, Perla was placed as a foster with her, her husband and two other Wiemeraners, in an apartment in Hartford.  This couple pledged to find a good home for this five month old puppy.  Their adult Weimeraners had a full regimen of dog day care and pet sitter walks, which led Perla to be outside taking a walk at the very time I happening to be walking with a few coworkers outside after lunch.  We crossed paths with the pet sitter and seeing a Wiemeraner, I mentioned we had one and of course attempt to pet her.  She shrunk back in uncertainty and the pet sitter quickly explained this was her first day out in the city of Hartford and proceeded to tell me that she was in foster care looking for a home.  I was smitten and mentioned we would be interested in her, I am sure Jenn is slightly surprised….lol.. The dog sitter passed me her business card and asked me to give her a call or send her an email.  On the way back I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of her and turned back to see that she was on the other side of the park and walking in the opposite direction. I tried to walk after them but quickly realized, that unless I ran, I would never catch up.

I gave Jenn a call when I got back to the office and mentioned the chance encounter and passed along the information.   Jenn called me later to tell me she had a really good conversation with the pet sitter and that she was going to pass us along to the foster owners.  Later that evening Jenn had a very positive conversation with the foster owners and they felt it would be a good fit for all of us and scheduled to bring her on Saturday at one for a visit and if all went well, to stay.

Saturday came and all the kids knew was that someone was coming at one to visit.  We were all outside, the boys working on the jungle gym and the ladies playing and tending to the goats, when they arrived.  The sound of Ethan sanding the play scape floor drowned out the their arrival.  The next thing the kids saw was the foster owners walking towards us with Perla on leash.  They, at this point assumed a play date for Ellie, and had no idea.  The couple was absolutely taken by the number of goats and chickens roaming the yard.  The husband whipped out the camera and started video taping.  Welcome to the G-Farm…lol.   We had a blast watching Perla attempt to take in all the smells and sights at once…it must have been overwhelming.  Ellie seemed please to have someone like her and they spent a few moments checking each other out; no growling, this is good.  They finally let her off the leash and off she went….straight for the goats.  She was enthralled!  She crept closer and closer….then when she had enough courage, went flying down the hill for a buzz by at full speed as if trying to get as close as possible without getting caught.   She had survived.  Let’s do it again.  Bella was now on guard, pretending to be at the end of her leash, ready to goose her the moment she got too close.   At one point she was too close to Cocoa, one of the other goats, and Ellie sensing Cocoa’s malintent,  came running down to rescue her, barking at the goat.  We all had a blast watching her, she fit right in. After an hour or so of watching her play with the animals and our family it was decided, she was here to stay.  We broke the news to the kids, who cracked very shy smiles.  We could tell they were thrilled.  It was hard to believe, she was so well behaved (for a puppy) and she came when called, sat, laid down and came with her bed, toys and a bag and a half of food.

What amazes me in all this is the amazing orchestration of events that brought her to this day and to our home.  A spanish  Wiemeraner puppy named Perla, all the way from Colombia, South America, here to a home in Northwest Connecticut.  What is even more amazing is I too was born in South America, having found a home here as well.  The evidence is undeniable.  God’s knack for orchestration is amazing and makes me wonder what else he has in store for our lives and yours.

What In The World Is Screaming @ 3:30AM?!?!
April 20, 2012, 1:51 pm
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OK…I’m a pretty heavy sleeper.  Most often I never hear the storms or thunder, although I have to admit since having animals to protect, I tend to be more tuned to sounds of possible distress. Either way, I was awakened VERY early this morning to the sound of some animal screaming and screeching so loud I wondered if we had left the window open and it was underneath….it was neither…It was the eeriest scream, like something straight out of the Amazon jungle,  mixed in at one point with what sounded like something flailing on the ground. “Jenn! You hear that??” Groggily, she responds.  “What is it?” I jump out of bed, scrambling for my broken eyeglasses I had purposely left on the clothing units next to the .22 and the flashlight.  There not there!  I then realize and remember they were downstairs!!  I purposely leave them upstairs for this very reason.  Of course, now that I need them…figures!!!  Trying to be stealth and quick at the same time since I know from several other instances that even moving around the house will spook a coyote or fox if within 50-60ft.  Whatever it was it wasn’t deterred by the noise and was screaming as it moved across the back yard  to the other side of the house…as if circling the chicken house and goats.  I ran downstairs, scrambling for the light switch in the cabinet to find the glasses…losing valuable time…forget it…contacts going in…rush up stairs….put them in…grab the .22…the clip…flashlight…and run down the stairs, opening the side door quietly.  It’s still screaming! Is it attacking something?!?? I move out on the deck…listening…it’s quiet…no doubt it heard me.  Then it screeches/growls from the woods to my left about 70-80ft away…I flash the light….it’s too dense to catch the flashback of eyes…I wait. I then hear it towards the front of the house.  Barefoot, I run through the other side, following the sound of it running in the woods to the side of the house.  I hear Jenn coming down behind me flashlight in hand.  I scan the woods with the light.  The telltale reflection of wild eyes staring back at you. “There is it is!!!” Jen comes running up to see. It screeches and drops over the side of the rock wall across the street. I wasn’t able to get an Id on it…barely a size. Jenn and I move closer to the street, scanning the woods for a sign of it. Suddenly it lets out a piercing screech directly across from us just 30 ft away on the other side of the rock wall. Jenn goes running in the other direction. I step back. I have no idea what that was or what it is, but I have no plans on running into it. Bullet goes in the chamber. A shooting star pierces the night for a split second. It’s quiet. Chillingly quiet. A coyote howls in the distance behind me an the house. Maybe the screeches are drawing some attention. Another screech, now farther away. Another shooting star. Now it’s even fainter. It’s moving away. A coyote calls closer. I see Jen shining the light in the back. I stand in silence, listening, even fainter. Man, I should have brought the phone to record the cry, I really would like to know what it was. The adrenaline is wearing off. The cold starts to creep in. I walk back towards the house, meeting Jenn along the way. We walk back upstairs talking about what happened, laughing about how she went running back towards the house. I don’t blame her. It creeped me out, that’s for sure. Back up stairs, pulled the clip out, emptied the chamber and laid them back where I keep them; flashlight included. Climbed back under the still warm blankets and slowly drifted back to LaLa land.

The Ducks Have Arrived….
April 20, 2012, 12:19 am
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We missed our ducks and geese; Jenn especially, since the night we came home too late to put them away only to find they had been ravished by the coyotes. It was a very sad evening. Jenn cried. I was sad and upset. I understand the coyotes were doing what they do, providing for their own, exploiting the weakness and vulnerabilities around them. Two ducks, and three geese gone in one fell swoop, surely too hard to resist. Only feathers and portions of the largest goose remained (sorry for the gory details). I do think however that there are far too many coyotes in this area and hope to someday do my share to help maintain the population ;). We were square to blame, we failed to protect our flock…literally.

We were looking to get some more; I secretly, knowing how much they meant to Jenn. I remember watching them follow her around the yard, waddling after her, quacking away as she called them…”Mack, Mack, Mack!”. Turns out some great friends of ours, fellow farmers of sorts as well, had a neighbor that was looking to get rid of a few. The problem is they would wander back to their old home. They were generous enough to offer them to us and this would solve the wandering back home predicament and give them a good home at the same time. We won’t be coming home late again…not without them safely tucked away. They were quite handsome;  Black Swedish drakes: dark green iridescent head and necks with white undersides. They will be staying in the chicken house for the night, till we can find them better accommodations…

Oh…and we have one more on the way for a total of three…he wandered back home before Jenn came to get them…lol.

It’s About Time We Posted Something…
April 16, 2012, 7:43 pm
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We keep saying we are going to share some of the stories and the experience but…well we keep putting it off…not that that isn’t too difficult to do…besides there is plenty of other things to do…and things that MUST get done.. 😉

It has been a year since we moved in……Happy Anniversary to us!

OK…now we have officially posted.  The fun begins….or rather continues….